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Japan Education Center in India (JECI) and Federation of Indian Industry (FII) signs MOU
07 March, 2016

FEDERATION OF INDIA INDUSTRY (FII) and JAPAN EDUCATION CENTER IN INDIA (JECI) has signed a MOU during the Happening Haryana Global Investor Summit 2016 with a view to agree and promote the development of Japanese skill based education and Japanese Language Training in India, and education opportunity between India and Japan within an overall framework of confidentiality and to create a framework, which will help both parties to manage this relationship professionally.

The two parties have therefore agreed as follows:
  • The two parties shall exchange information on Japanese and Indian educational opportunities to strengthen skills and knowledge in the areas of institutional education and skill based industrial cooperation in India and also between India and Japan.
  • The two parties shall inform each other of all activities that have the potential to further the education opportunity between India and Japan
  • The two parties shall assist each other in organizing educational seminars, and events in Japan and India.
  • The two parties shall exchange information about international educational fairs, exhibitions and trade promotion events to be held in their respective countries and assist their members in participating in such events.
  • The two parties shall unite their efforts for development of education and Skill development programs between the two countries.
  • The two parties shall encourage and assist in development of mutually beneficial joint ventures and investment opportunities between their respective members and organizations.