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22 November, 2013

“The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM)” has signed a Memorandum of Understanding in New Delhi.

Image Details: Exchanging MOU between Colors Of India Center and The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) at ASSOCHAM headquarters in New Delhi on the 19 November 2013. In the middle is Raj Adhikary (President, COLORS OF INDIA CENTER), in the left is Mr. D.S. Rawat (Secretary General, ASSOCHAM) and to the right is Mr. Rahul Sharma (Chairman, India Japan Business Promotion Council, ASSOCHAM) — at ASSOCHAM NEW DELHI.

The MOU has been made to promote the development of Trade, Investment and Economic relations between India and Japan.

The two parties have therefore agreed as follows:

1. The two parties shall exchange information on general economic status, trade policies and legislative changes of their respective countries to strengthen trade, technological and industrial cooperation between India and Japan.

2. The two parties shall inform each other of all activities that have the potential to further the trade and investments between India and Japan

3. The two parties shall assist each other in organizing business delegations, and facilitating their business contacts.

4. The two parties shall exchange information about international fairs, exhibitions and trade promotion events to be held in their respective countries and assist their members in participating in such events.

5. The two parties shall unite their efforts for development of Business and Social tourism between the two countries.

6. The two parties shall encourage and assist in development of mutually beneficial joint ventures and investment opportunities between their respective members and organizations.

About The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM )
ASSOCHAM is the highest body of the Chambers of Commerce of India, providing a forum for dialogue between business and government. The organization represents the interests of trade and commerce in India, and acts as an interface between industry, government and other relevant stakeholders on policy issues and initiatives. The goal of this organization is to promote both domestic and international trade, and reduce trade barriers while fostering conducive environment for the growth of trade and industry of India.

ASSOCHAM was established in 1920 by promoter chambers, representing all regions of India. The Association's head office is  replica watches nlocated in New Delhi and regional offices are located in the cities of Ahmedabad, Bangalore, and Kolkata. As of 2012, ASSOCHAM covers a membership of over 400,000 companies and professionals across the country.

ASSOCHAM members represent the following sectors:
  • Trade (national and international)
  • Industry (domestic and international)
  • Professionals (e.g. CAs, lawyers, consultants)
  • Trade and Industry Associations and other Chambers of Commerce